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The Indianapolis Regional Alumni Chapter develops, coordinates and promotes opportunities for involvement in the life of the University for alumni in the Indianapolis region.



Class Year        

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2007 Brandi Appleget, President  Indianapolis, IN
2007 Jason Spilbeler, Vice President  Indianapolis, IN
2005 Brandon Beeler  Indianapolis, IN
1998 Damien Bender  Indianapolis, IN                 
2006 Jonathan Bostrom  Carmel, IN
2011 Mark Branigan  Indianapolis, IN
2003 Amanda Constable  Indianapolis, IN
2006 Matthew Ehinger  Indianapolis, IN
1999 Amber Ewing  Fishers, IN
2001 Lawren Mills  Indianapolis, IN
2009 Troy Montigney  Indianapolis, IN
2007 Abbe Trainor Obszanski                        Carmel, IN
1991 T. Ray Phillips  Indianapolis, IN
2007 Liz Polleys  Indianapolis, IN
2007 Kathryn Knight Randolph  Carmel, IN
2006 Ryan Randolph  Carmel, IN
1999 Kim Paradise Ridder  Indianapolis, IN
2007 Loran Sandman  Indianapolis, IN
2013 Broderic Schoen  Indianapolis, IN
2007 James Updike  Indianapolis
2002 Barry Wormser  Indianapolis, IN

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DePauw Class of 2015: Yup, the campus is very quiet and (annoyingly) perfectly sunny. Thank you all for a great weekend, and for everything.

8 days ago

Great: I can feel a baccalaureate speech writing all-nighter coming on.

12 days ago

The day they start constructing the commencement stage outside Roy O. . . . It's THAT day.

13 days ago

RT @magcochrane: Can we all just stay at DePauw for the summer?

14 days ago

RT @DanHickey93: 7 days until DePauw is this real?

16 days ago

Poet Richard Blanco, Who Read at President Obama's Inauguration, Coming to DePauw as visiting Scholar

23 days ago

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