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San Francisco

The San Francisco Regional Alumni Chapter develops, coordinates and promotes opportunities for involvement in the life of the University for alumni in the San Francisco region.


Meet the San Francisco Regional Chapter Leaders:

Class Year

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 2013 Margaret Distler, President  San Francisco, CA
 2002 Catherine Modisett Berkey  San Francisco, CA
 1964 Howard Bull  Mountain View, CA
 2007 Jaclyn Harr Chaudhuri  Oakland, CA
 2005 Kristina DeYoung  San Francisco, CA
 2008 Danetha Doe  Oakland, CA
 1970 Peter Donahower  San Mateo, CA
 1995 Heather Bryce Fishleder Saint Helena, CA
 1994 Kristin Geiger  San Francisco, CA
 1989 Julie Levonian  San Francisco, CA
 1964 Richard Lubman  Mountain View, CA
 1962 Saundra Fabrick MacGregor  Atherton, CA
 1986 Jill Robertson McNay  San Francisco,  CA
 1990 Anne Heller Morrissey  San Francisco, CA
 1993 Lynda Moyer  Menlo Park, CA
 1972 Christopher Penn  Alameda, CA
 1997 Thomas Rhoades  San Francisco, CA
 2006 Mike Spiegel  Redwood City, CA
 2006 Jonathan Staley  San Francisco, CA
 1979 Nancy Duesing Takaichi  San Jose, CA


@DMarkMcCoy on Twitter

Headed to Minneapolis today to meet with more of our impressive alumni! #twincities

2 days ago

Another great ex of student/faculty research: Brian Wright & Jimmy McDonnell '17 study biomechanics in Erdmann Nat.

3 days ago

Welcome back David Deitz '11, Bess Evans '07 and Duncan Wolfe '11 to present to Media Fellows! Open to all PCCM Watson @ 415

5 days ago

Beginning today, @DePauwArts presents: Street Scenes of Putnam Cty in Kerr Theatre

9 days ago

Welcome Pinckney Benedict for a craft talk and reading today - More info including times and locaations here:

10 days ago

Tonight at Thompson 730: Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas with traditional Scottish fiddling and cello just in time for St. Patrick's Day.

11 days ago

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