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Ways to Help & Volunteer for DePauw

In What Ways Can I Volunteer to Help DePauw?

Serve on the Alumni Association Board of Directors
Board Directors of the Alumni Association act as the voice of the alumni to the University, support the welfare of the University and foster a spirit of loyalty, fraternity and bonds of fellowship among the alumni. A Director is nominated and is asked to serve a term of 3 years. For information about the Alumni Board or the nomination process click here.

Serve on the GOLD Council
The GOLD Council is a group of nominated alumni volunteers that represent the Graduates Of the Last Decade (GOLD). This group exists to promote and support the welfare of DePauw University, foster community between graduates of the last decade and the alumni family through programming and effective communication, and provide continuing value from the University through professional and educational programming, Annual Fund participation among graduates of the last decade, and other involvement opportunities. For more information on the Gold Council or the nomination process click here.

Serve as a Regional Chapter Member or Leader
The Alumni Office works directly with a great group of volunteers in each location where a Regional Chapter is present to provide relevant, engaging, and fun programming to area alumni. The volunteers come up with the ideas for an event and the Alumni Office helps to promote, facilitate the logistics, receive payments (if applicable), and give advice on how to host a successful event. We are always looking for alumni who have the time and exuberance to volunteer at the regional level. If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Jamie Grivas '10 at or 765-658-4255.

Assist with Admissions
Whether you choose to recommend a promising student, host a summer send-off party for incoming freshman, or represent DePauw at local college fairs, the Admissions Staff would welcome your assistance. If you are interested in volunteering with Admissions and helping to recruit future Tigers, please contact Holly Enneking '08 at or 765-658-4098.

Volunteer with Career Services
Share your professional experiences and network with current students by getting involved with the office of Civic, Global and Professional Opportunities. You can volunteer by providing career counseling, hosting a student intern, or offering a single-day job shadowing experience. For more information about how you can get involved, contact Holly Enneking '08 at or 765-658-4098.

Join the Alumni Tiger Pep Band
Were you part of the DePauw Pep Band while a student, why not join again as an alumnus? Dennis Priser '63 heads this group who play at home games for the Tigers. Want to participate, but you no longer have an instrument? No problem! The Tiger Pep Band can loan you one.