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ArtsFest: Past Themes

ArtsFest is a weeklong gathering of writers, artists, thinkers and performers. This annual celebration showcases the creative and performing arts and talents of members of the DePauw and Greencastle communities and visiting artists.

2002 Art & Activism

Faculty Coordinator - Cleveland Johnson, professor emeritus of music

2003 Art & Politics

Faculty Coordinators - Ron Dye, English and communication and theatre, and Eugene Gloria, English

2004 Art & Technology

Faculty Coordinators - Peter Graham, English, and Kaytie Johnson, former curator of exhibitions and University collections

2005 Art & Shakespeare

Faculty Coordinators - Tim Good, communication and theatre, and Chris White, English

2006 Art & the Silk Road

Faculty Coordinators - Marthe Chandler, professor emerita of philosophy, and Mac Mackenzie, art and art history

2007 Art & the Environment

Faculty Coordinators - Cynthia O'Dell,  art and art history, and Greg Schwipps, English

2008 Art & Borders

Faculty Coordinators - Linda Elman, professor emerita of modern languages, and Alex Puga, modern languages

2009 Art & Power

Faculty Coordinators - Meryl Altman, English and women's studies, and Gabriel Crouch, former assistant professor of music

2010 Art & the Green Castle

Faculty Coordinators - Meredith Brickell, art and art history, Joe Heithaus, English, and Jay White, former assistant professor of music

2011 Art & Truth? 

Faculty Coordinator - Anne Harris, associate professor of art and art history 

2012 Art & the other

faculty coordinators - david gellman, history, and anne harris, art and art history

2013 ARt & the quest

faculty coordinators - rich martoglio,  chemistry and biochemistry, and misti shaw, former music and performing arts librarian

2014 art & laughter

faculty coordinators - dan gurnon, chemistry and biochemistry, and deepa prakash, political science

2015 Art & Transformation

faculty coordinators - pascal Lafontant, biology and amity reading, english

2016 art & utopia

faculty coordinator - Harry brown, english