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The Spring Spectacle of Shakespeare

Saturday, May 7, 2016   

1 p.m.  Greencastle: The Tempest
3 p.m. North Putnam: The Comedy of Errors
5 p.m. Cloverdale: A Midsummer Night's Dream

Green Center for the Performing Arts, Moore Theatre  



The Spring Spectacle of Shakespeare is the culminating production of the DePauw Communication & Theatre course, Shakespeare in the Schools. It features back-to-back performances of Shakespeare plays directed by DePauw students in collaboration with and featuring Putnam County 8-12 graders. All four Putnam County school systems are participating in Spring 2016, the 6th year of the program. 

Shakespeare in the Schools/The Spring Spectacle of Shakespeare is offered in collaboration with a nationally recognized and awarded outreach program, the Fall Festival of Shakespeare, founded by Shakespeare & Company in Lenox, MA. Similar to that 27-year old program, DePauw student teams train in proven methods for teaching and directing Shakespeare prior to a residence of 3-days/week for 10 weeks in Putnam County schools. The program has served as many as 180 students throughout Putnam County in a given year.


• COLLABORATION: The program fosters and celebrates group creativity and support.

COMMUNITY: Students from schools throughout the county are invited and inspired to gather for the goal of making new friends and sharing their creative work. 

• LANGUAGE ENHANCEMENT: The program involves the tackling of difficult language; inspiring youth to embrace the power and beauty of language to explore and reveal what it means to be human. 

• STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT: Youth in the program work toward challenging, yet achievable goals as actors, stage managers, and technical crews. 

• HIGHER EDUCATION PURSUIT INSPIRATION: The program’s components, in particular the DePauw student mentors, provide inspiration for continuing education beyond high school. 

• CELEBRATION: After a semester of diligence, the youth perform their play for family, friends, the school community, and other participating schools’ audiences. All are winners; there is no judging or awards.

student testimonials

“I learned that the language of Shakespeare has much more meaning than I thought, and that it expresses so many problems in the world. Also that these stories and plays were really real, and have much more depth than just beautiful language.” --Mary Pearl, 9th grade

“Having directors that take time to help look up the characters, information and language really makes it easier to understand and learn.” -- James, 11th grade

“I learned that opening up to people and talking about things is a good thing.  I don’t have to hide who I am. At least when I’m with my Shakespeare family.” --Allie, 10th grade

“(I learned) cooperation because we had to come together to make this work.” --Jimmy, 11th grade

“I was delighted to see that children are still curious about literature. As a future educator, it makes me happy to see students having fun reading and interpreting Shakespeare for themselves, and not just being given all the answers.”--Shavon, DePauw Class of 2014

the DePauw Curriculum

The course, Shakespeare in the Schools, can be taken under three different prefixes (COMM 291/401 and UNIV 390). It is repeatable for credit since several students have found it rewarding enough to repeat for 2-3 years. No background in theatre or Shakespeare is required. As it is an arranged course (the time it is offered falls outside of regular DePauw course timebanks), one must obtain a SPAC code for admittance. Contact the program director/course instructor for further information.