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DePauw Events

Tuesday January 17, 2017
Tue Jan 17

Blessing of the Animals-Hispanic Catholic Christians

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Organization: Hartman House
Organizer: Krouse, Christina Mae


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Aikido is a traditional Japanese martial art founded by Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969), beginning in early 20th century Japan.  Often referred to as the "Art of Peace', aikido techniques include a variation of throws, joint locks and pins.  Defined as the "Way of Harmonious Spirit", aikido relies on belnding, turning and entering movements which use the energy of an opponent's attack against him/her.  In aikido, our mindset is of neutralizing an attack without felling our opponent by force or with mal intent.  The art is for all ages and genders no matter the level of fitness or physical strength.  Progression depends on an open mind, pateince in training and learning to connect mind, body and breath.  Students may overall develop improved balance, flexibility and posture as well as a more centered mind and relaxed spirit in addition to the confidence to defend oneself. #Wellness

Location: Lilly Center 2033
Organization: Athletics
Organizer: Mahon, Meredith Anne

Battling Ropes

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Location: Lilly Center FieldHse
Organization: Athletics
Organizer: Mahon, Meredith Anne

Boot Camp

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Boot Camp combines intervals of cardio, strength, and core/abdominal exercises to provide you with the ultimate full body workout. We will incorporate light free weights & body weight exercises. Workouts are usually never the same in order to avoid fitness platueas and boredom.  Boot camp is a high intensity workout, but modifications are provided so that this class is appropriate for all fitness levels. #Wellness

Location: Lilly Physical Education and Recreation Center 1025
Organization: Athletics
Organizer: Mahon, Meredith Anne