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October 2013
Tue Oct 29

Study Abroad for Biology Majors

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Want to...

Engage in effective conservation, natural resource management, and rural development in Kenya and Tanzania?

Participate in on-going research with implications for the Costa Rican cloud forest?

Experience lab research in Paris?

Learn about health care systems in Australia, New Zealand, or the United Kingdom?

Current and prospective biology majors are invited to learn about opportunities to apply your knowledge of biology to real world contexts!

Tuesday, Oct. 29

Olin 241

11:40 - 12:30

#Academic #studyabroad #international #biology

Location: Olin Building 241
Organization: Hubbard Center for Student Engagement
Organizer: Brookins Blinn, Amanda M Hubbard Center for Studen

Wed Oct 30

ISA General Meeting

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#StudentLife #intercultural #international student association

Location: Reese Hall Lobby
Organization: Multicultural + International Life
Organizer: Jirari, Loutfi