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Lynch, Richard A., Ph.D.




Philosophy, Asbury Hall, Room 214
Greencastle, IN


Part-time Assistant Professor of Philosophy


Richard A. Lynch teaches philosophy and women's studies at DePauw University.  He regularly teaches First Year Seminars (topics vary) and "Ethics and Business"; other recent courses have included "Introduction to Philosophy" and topics courses such as "Feminist Ethics" and "Foucault."  Prior to coming to DePauw, he taught at Boston College and Wabash College. His current principal research projects focus on the emergence of ethics within power relations in the work of Michel Foucault, and connections between Foucault and such thinkers as Simone de Beauvoir, Alexis de Tocqueville, and Paul Tillich. Most recently he completed a translation of Isabelle Thomas-Fogiel's The Death of Philosophy : Reference and Self-Reference in Contemporary Thought (Columbia University Press, 2011). He has also published scholarly articles on Hegel, Habermas, Bakhtin and others.