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2012-13 GOLD Scholars


Benjamin J. Roess '14

What DePauw mentor has inspired you? 

Dorothy Brown, the housemother at my fraternity, Phi Kappa Psi, is an amazing and inspiring woman.  Mom Brown has such a quiet, observant demeanor, but she doesn’t miss a thing within the house or on campus.  She has been there for me in times of greatest need, and I will never forget her amazing displays of sincerity.  Spending time getting to know her and her amazing story of progressing through Indiana’s education system as an African American female teacher and administrator earns my constant respect, and she has done so much for DePauw both with the Dorothy Brown Cultural Resource Center and within the inter-fraternity community.  There is nothing like a good Mom Brown story, and she has the most infectious laugh I have ever heard.

What are your plans after DePauw?

I wish this was the first time I’ve been asked this!  While I don’t have a perfectly definitive plan at this point, I am either planning on continuing on to Law School or graduate school in public policy.  Hopefully becoming a GOLD Scholar will help me refine my decision and meet some great contacts in the process.

What advice or perspective would you share with others?

Don’t let DePauw end at graduation, and don’t be afraid to brag about how awesome it is.  And next time you get a GCB, get it with bacon and grilled onions.

Olivia C. Flores '14

How did you discover DePauw?

I hadn’t heard of DePauw University until my brother chose to attend in 2008. Being from Chicago, I thought he meant to go to DePaul; little did I realize how unique of an experience DePauw University offers its students.

What are your plans after DePauw?

I hope to teach English abroad either through the Fulbright program or another ESL/TEFL in a Spanish-speaking country. After a couple years I hope to return to school to earn my Master’s degree or Ph.D in English. I hope to either be a high school English teacher or Professor of English.

What advice or perspective would you share with alumni?

Don’t forget what you loved about DePauw University and what you came to love about yourself. I think the most important lessons you learn about DePauw are about your values and your outlook on your self-worth. Remember things you might have loved like illogically long conversations and taking risks in your relationships. Be that person who is uninfluenced by the social norm of disengagement. Be engaged and stay connected to what you love or what you loved here. This is a place that inspires—don’t forget what affected you to be the wonderful alumnus/alumna you are today.

Kelsey N. Christensen '14

How did you discover DePauw?

One of my high school cross-country and track teammates, who was a year ahead of me, suggested I look into DePauw. She looked at it herself and almost went to DePauw. She raved about the great academics, the kind people she met on campus, and the delicious coffee in the Admissions Office. I decided to visit DePauw over the summer since I was visiting other schools in the area, not knowing much about DePauw at all, and ended up absolutely loving it.

Who at DePauw has inspired you?

One person who inspired me would have to be Psychology Professor Kevin Moore. I took Evolutionary Psychology with Kevin last fall and his passion for his subject is inspiring. He is so willing to listen to his students’ perspectives and stances on a variety of issues. He is by far one of the most approachable professors I have met at DePauw and his class definitely changed my perspective on just about everything.

Another person who inspired me here at DePauw would be Communication Professor and WGRE Faculty Advisor Jeff McCall. Dr. McCall is so passionate about media and WGRE. He uses his professional experience to give concrete examples of concepts to his students. As a former DePauw student and WGRE director himself, he knows the ropes of radio and can always offer insightful suggestions and comments. He is incredibly dedicated to WGRE and the communication department at DePauw.

What is one thing about DePauw that you think alumni should know?

The DePauw experience – everything from the campus events such as the Monon Bell game, the ambition of students, and the dedication to academics – connects current students with alumni. Remember that!