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Tiffany A. Tat '15



Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Warsaw and Winona Lake, which are small towns in northern Indiana.  There are various lakes around that area and I loved summers growing up wake-boarding and tubing.  Fun fact: there was an indie movie made about my high school called American Teen!

Describe your family.

My dad is Chinese and my mom is of French descent.  I have 2 sisters, one of whom just graduated from Butler and the other is in nursing school at IU.  We are each roughly 13 months apart in age (13 months between each child).  I’m close with my family, but especially my sisters.  My mom and dad both live in northern Indiana, but I have family in Vietnam, Italy, and England.  I guess you can say we’re diverse to say the least!

How did you discover DePauw?

In high school my best friend’s dad was a DePauw alum along with several other friends of my family.  They spoke so positively about their time at DePauw that I decided to visit campus.

How has DePauw impacted your personal, academic, and professional growth?

My DePauw experience has profoundly impacted me. I have learned that anything is possible if you are willing to work for it and that your boundaries are only as high as you make them.  Personally, academically, and professionally, DePauw has taught me the skills needed to overcome obstacles now and in the future.  Most of all, DePauw has taught me to never stop growing in these areas; there is always more to learn.

Who at DePauw has inspired you?

Everyone at DePauw inspires me.  My peers work so incredibly hard and are constantly achieving great things.  Leaders, artists, academics, inventors: my DePauw peers inspire me to do more, to give more, and to push myself that much further.  My advisor, Professor O’Bannon, inspires me.  He has taught me that there is so much to life that’s worth exploring; that it’s the journey that’s important.  I think the more difficult question to answer is how can I not be inspired by those around me at DePauw?

What are your plans after DePauw?

I hope to travel.  I want to see as much of the world as I can and on the way meet some great people and have some life changing experiences.  I want to go to graduate school for international relations and participate in the Peace Corps or the Fulbright scholars program, maybe even both!  My goal is to work in foreign relations.

What is one thing about DePauw that you think alumni should know?

That DePauw wouldn’t run without you!  Thank you for everything that you do and donate for us!  You all make DePauw a step above the rest.