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Why Give?

Your classmates tell you, in their own words, why they give to DePauw:

Giving to the Senior Gift Drive is important because it shows that DePauw’s students believe it is an institution worth investing money into. DePauw has given us so much over the past four years, so why not give back to DePauw? – Kristin Jonason ’14

Donating to the Senior Gift Drive means giving future students the opportunity to experience all that DePauw has to offer. With your help, we can give back to the place that we all love and often call home. So please help us in raising money for future need-based scholarships. – Nigelie Assee ’14

Our lives have been shaped by our experiences at DePauw. By donating to the Senior Gift Drive, you make it possible for somebody else to call DePauw home. – Hannah Harrison ’14