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  1. The Constitution and Authority of the Faculty

    (from Charter and By-Laws of DePauw University, 1986)

    Section 1. Members. The Faculty shall consist of the President, all professors, associate professors, assistant professors, instructors, and lecturers on full-time appointment, and others officially admitted to faculty membership by action of the Trustees, all of whom may participate freely in discussions, provided, however, that on matters of academic policy and practice only those persons who have been on the faculty or admitted to faculty status for such period as determined by the faculty may vote.

    Section 2. Appointment. Professors, associate professors, assistant professors, instructors, lecturers and other assistants required by the educational program of the University shall be appointed by the President subject to review by the Board. After an appropriate period of service, faculty members in the rank of professor, associate professor, and assistant professor may enjoy the privilege of tenure as this privilege arising from academic custom and usage among American colleges and universities is specifically defined by faculty personnel policies approved by the Board of Trustees.

    Section 3. Duties. Subject to the final authority of the Board, the faculty shall have charge of and responsibility for the institution and implementation of policies and programs relating to the academic interests of the University, including the fixing of academic requirements for admission, class advancement and graduation, the institution, development and supervision of courses of instruction, the procedures for the conduct of studies, the promulgation of rules for the conduct of students in the classrooms and the granting of degrees to be conferred by the University. The faculty shall adopt its own rules of order and procedure, keep minutes of its meetings, and make reports to the Board of Trustees.

    Section 4. Relations with Board of Trustees. All actions of the faculty materially affecting any segment of the University shall be reported to the Academic Affairs Committee which shall be responsible for determining the matters to be referred to, reviewed and approved as necessary by the Board of Trustees. Reasonable opportunity shall be provided for faculty representatives to attend meetings of the Academic Affairs Committee and to present to the Trustees their recommendations concerning the University.