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Committees of the Administration

  1. Committee on Administration
    1. Function. This committee shall advise the President on matters of administration. When the Academic Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees wants faculty representation, the three at large members elected by the faculty will serve in this capacity.

    2. Membership. Membership of this committee shall be appointees of the President and seven faculty members elected by the faculty, of which no more than two may be from one division and no more than one from each department. Each division shall elect one member from its division to serve a two-year term (two divisional members will be replaced each year). Additionally, three faculty members shall be elected at large to serve three-year terms (one at-large member being replaced each year).

  2. Board of Control of Student Publications
    1. Function. This committee shall exert final authority over The DePauw and the Mirage. The board functions much as would the owner of a private publishing operation except that it does not dictate editorial policy.

    2. Membership. The Vice President for Academic Affairs (or his or her representative), a permanent treasurer appointed from the faculty by the President, the instructor of the journalism courses, four faculty members elected by the faculty to serve two-year terms (two members being replaced each year), and six students chosen by Student Congress in the manner prescribed.

  3. Committee on Honorary Degrees
    1. Function. This committee shall survey candidates for honorary degrees and present a slate of candidates to the faculty for recommendation to the Board of Trustees. Members of the faculty and of the Board may offer names of possible candidates. The Trustees and faculty delegate the approval of an honorary degree for the commencement speaker to a joint subcommittee of the Nominations and Trusteeship of the Board of Trustees, composed of three Trustees, including the Chairman of the Board and the three faculty members elected to the Committee on Honorary Degrees. An affirmative vote shall require approval of four of the six members.

    2. Membership. Three members of the faculty are elected by the faculty to serve three-year terms (one member being replaced each year) and to sit with members of the subcommittee of the Nominations and Trusteeship of the Board of Trustees.

  4. Hartman Center Steering Committee
    1. Function. The role of the Hartman Center Steering Committee is to evaluate and develop Hartman Center programs. Additionally, this committee will develop long-range plans for the center.

    2. Membership. Director of Civic Opportunities, three faculty members elected at large, a representative of the Committee on Academic Policy and Planning, a faculty member representing the Indiana Campus Compact (appointed by the President of the University), a Cultural Resource Center representative (appointed by the Dean of Student Life), three students representing the Bonner Scholars Program, Community Outreach, and Winter Term in Service respectively (appointed by the Director of Civic Opportunities), two at-large students (appointed by Student Government), and a member from the Greencastle/Putnam County community (invited by the Hartman Steering Committee).

  5. Diversity and Equity Committee
    1. Function: In matters regarding diversity, inclusiveness, and equity, the Diversity and Equity Committee advises the Administration and the faculty on policy; presents educational sessions for all employees; identifies issues regarding diversity and equity in campus life and refers them to the appropriate University office and/or committee(s) for action; and annually reviews and assesses aspects of the University's efforts to attract and retain a diverse campus community.

    2. Membership: Four full-time faculty members appointed by the Committee on Faculty for three-year terms, one part-time faculty member appointed by the Committee on Faculty, two administrators appointed by the President for three-year terms, the Director of Human Resources (or his or her representatives), the Director of Multicultural Affairs, two hourly staff members appointed by the Hourly Support Staff Committee for two-year terms, and two students appointed by the Student Congress for one-year renewable terms.

  6. Nature Park Advisory Committee
    1. Function: This committee advises the Nature Park staff and University administration on matters of planning, policy, and procedures, and assists in formulating plans, goals, and priorities, and in determining the overall role of the Nature Park in providing education, research, reflection, and recreation for the members of the University and neighboring communities. It shall report at least annually to the Student Life and Academic Atmosphere Committee.…

    2. Membership: Two faculty members (one from Biology, one from any other department) appointed by SLAAC for staggered two-year terms. Two students appointed by Student Congress for one-year terms. One representative of the community appointed by the President, in consultation with the Mayor of Greencastle, for a two-year term. The Director of the Janet Prindle Institute for Ethics (or his or her representative). A Student Life representative appointed by the Vice President for Student Life. The chair will be selected from among the voting members of the committee.

      Ex-officio members (without vote): Associate VP for Facilities, Nature Park Manager/Ranger, Emergency Management Coordinator.

  7. President's Visual Arts Advisory Committee
    1. Function: DePauw University owns and stewards a large collection of visual art, including but not limited to painting, photography, sculpture, and large-scale artistic productions. The University seeks to maintain this collection for pedagogical purposes and displays pieces of the University’s collection, and works on temporary loan, in and on University property. The President’s Visual Arts Advisory Committee is charged to offer advice and recommendations regarding the long-term installation or display of University-owned visual art on the campus and in campus buildings, excluding faculty-directed art, art produced by students or faculty as part of the art curriculum, and art displayed in the University galleries as part of a curated exhibit. The Committee shall meet at least once yearly to consider University policies and principles regarding the display of University art and as specific issues arise.…

    2. Members: Voting members: The Vice President for Academic Affairs; the Vice President for Advancement; the Chair of the Faculty; two members of the Department of Art and Art History, one from studio art and one from art history, one of whom is the Chair of the Department of Art and Art History; a faculty member from outside the Department of Art and Art History (three-year term with appointment made by the Faculty Governance Steering Committee), the Curator of Exhibitions and University Collections, the Director of Facilities and Grounds, the University Archivist, a student representative from the Department of Art and Art History (one-year term with appointment made by DePauw Student Government), and a student representative from outside the Department of Art and Art History (one-year term with appointment made by DePauw Student Government).

      Ex-officio members (without vote): The President.