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Diversity and Equity Committee

  1. Function: In matters regarding diversity, inclusiveness, and equity, the Diversity and Equity Committee advises the Administration and the faculty on policy; presents educational sessions for all employees; identifies issues regarding diversity and equity in campus life and refers them to the appropriate University office and/or committee(s) for action; and annually reviews and assesses aspects of the University's efforts to attract and retain a diverse campus community.

  2. Membership: Four full-time faculty members appointed by the Committee on Faculty for three-year terms, one part-time faculty member appointed by the Committee on Faculty, two administrators appointed by the President for three-year terms, the Director of Human Resources (or his or her representatives), the Director of Multicultural Affairs, two hourly staff members appointed by the Hourly Support Staff Committee for two-year terms, and two students appointed by the Student Congress for one-year renewable terms.