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Nature Park Advisory Committee

  1. Function: This committee advises the Nature Park staff and University administration on matters of planning, policy, and procedures, and assists in formulating plans, goals, and priorities, and in determining the overall role of the Nature Park in providing education, research, reflection, and recreation for the members of the University and neighboring communities. It shall report at least annually to the Student Life and Academic Atmosphere Committee.…

  2. Membership: Two faculty members (one from Biology, one from any other department) appointed by SLAAC for staggered two-year terms. Two students appointed by Student Congress for one-year terms. One representative of the community appointed by the President, in consultation with the Mayor of Greencastle, for a two-year term. The Director of the Janet Prindle Institute for Ethics (or his or her representative). A Student Life representative appointed by the Vice President for Student Life. The chair will be selected from among the voting members of the committee.

    Ex-officio members (without vote): Associate VP for Facilities, Nature Park Manager/Ranger, Emergency Management Coordinator.