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Committee on Faculty (COF)

  1. Function. The committee shall represent the faculty by (a) recommending policy and procedures for personnel decisions to the faculty; (b) communicating procedures for personnel decisions to faculty members; (c) ensuring that candidates interviewing for initial appointment are informed of the procedures and criteria by which they will be evaluated; (d) considering evidence and testimony and consulting with and making recommendations to the President of the University in the following areas: appointment of new faculty members when requested by the Vice President for Academic Affairs; retention, advancement to tenure, promotion and dismissal of faculty members; and appointment, reappointment, and evaluation of school deans and department chairs; (e) considering the legal propriety and risks of all faculty personnel procedures, including those at the school and department level; and informing all faculty participants in personnel procedures of possible legal concerns. The committee should be informed by a lawyer knowledgeable in the application of law to institutions of higher education. No members of COF may participate at the COF level in matters related to their departments or school.

  2. Membership. Nine tenured faculty members each with at least four years of service at DePauw. Five shall be elected at large and one representative by each division. No more than two members may be from one department and no more than four may be from the same division. Each divisional representative must be nominated and elected by that particular division, but the representative's actual membership in that division is not mandatory.

    The committee will usually meet with the Vice President for Academic Affairs, though the Vice President for Academic Affairs does not vote. The Vice President for Academic Affairs shall have the other privileges granted to members of the committee, including receipt of minutes (which shall include all committee discussions of the merits of personnel cases) and opportunity to hear all testimony.

    The Vice President for Academic Affairs and the committee shall meet together upon the request of either, and the President and the committee shall meet together upon the request of either.

  3. Organization and Orientation

    1. Members of the committee shall be elected by the faculty during the spring election (described in Article VI.).

    2. The committee of the coming year shall elect as its chair a member with experience on the committee.

    3. A quorum shall consist of the chair and five other committee members.

    4. At a meeting early in the academic year, there shall be an orientation to the work of the committee in which both faculty members of the committee and administrators will discuss their respective roles; the personnel decision calendar; types of admissible evidence; hypothetical difficult cases and the procedures for dealing with such; and legal guidelines and risks.

  4. Subcommittees. COF may form subcommittees (e.g., those to consider interim reviews, candidate interviews, review of school deans or department chairs), but the committee shall act on all recommendations.

  5. Responsibilities and Privileges of the Chair

    1. The chair with the Vice President for Academic Affairs shall arrange the agenda of the committee, setting the calendar for its orientation, the evidentiary and deliberative sessions, and shall arrange the keeping of personnel documents.

    2. The chair shall preside at the sessions of the committee and report to the faculty and the University community regarding the progress of the committee.

    3. The chair assisted by designated members of the committee shall provide notice and guidance to those participating in personnel matters (school or department personnel committees, nominations for promotions, candidates for personnel action, etc.) regarding the time and form of recommendations, procedures for gathering and evaluating evidence, and statement of reasons for the recommendations.

  6. Committee on Faculty Coordinator

    1. The coordinator shall be a staff person provided by the office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

    2. The coordinator shall attend and keep the minutes of the committee.

    3. The coordinator shall assist the chair, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, and the chairs of subcommittees in preparing and maintaining documents, including model documents that might be helpful to the school or department personnel committees, to recommenders, and to candidates for personnel actions, and in communicating with others participating in personnel matters.