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The Divisions

  1. Definition and Function

    Faculty members appointed to teaching and library staffs shall be grouped (by departments) into divisions for the purpose of coordinating the work in related fields and for equitable distribution of committee memberships. Divisions may submit matters of concern to an appropriate faculty coordinating or executive committee. Each division shall present nominations for divisional and at-large membership on coordinating, executive, and administrative committees, as well as division officers and other elected officials as outlined in this handbook.

  2. Department Grouping

    • Division I - Art and Art History; Communication and Theatre; Librarians with faculty rank; School of Music.

    • Division II - Classical Studies; English; Modern Languages; Religious Studies.

    • Division III - Biology; Chemistry and Biochemistry; Computer Science; Geosciences; Kinesiology; Mathematics; Physics and Astronomy; Psychology.

    • Division IV - Economics and Management; Education Studies; History; Philosophy; Political Science; Sociology and Anthropology; Conflict Studies; Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies.

  3. Divisional Officers

    The chair and the secretary of each division shall be elected annually and the names reported to the Chair of the Faculty. No chairperson of a division shall be eligible to succeed himself or herself in office.

  4. Divisional Nominating Committees and Nominations

    There shall be a divisional nominating committee made up of the chair, the secretary, and one other faculty member elected annually by the division, no two from the same department. This committee shall present a slate of candidates at the divisional meeting. Nominations may be made from the floor also. No persons shall be nominated without their consent.

  5. Meetings of the Divisions

    The chairperson of each division shall choose a time and place for division meetings which seem likely to make possible the largest attendance at each meeting. Before each meeting of a division, the secretary of the division shall send a notice to every member of the division including a designation of the time and place of the meeting and a list of nominations to faculty committees to be made and/or agenda for other business to be transacted. Such a notice must be delivered to the division members no later than four calendar days before the meeting.