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  1. Method of Election

    1. By the end of the second full week of classes in the second semester each year, the Chair of the Faculty shall deliver to the chairperson of each faculty division all the materials pertinent to the annual faculty election. He/she shall list the vacancies in both divisional and at-large positions

    2. Nominations will occur in two rounds. In each round, division officers must announce the vacancies to all eligible faculty members, so that they may have the opportunity of nominating themselves or their colleagues. In the first round, the secretary of the each division shall deliver at once to the Chair of the Faculty a complete listing of all candidates for all vacant divisional representative positions. Following the election of divisional representatives (see 3 below), the secretary of each division shall deliver to the Chair of the Faculty a complete listing of all candidates for all vacant at-large positions.

    3. Voting shall be conducted by an electronic ballot available to all voting members of the faculty for at least three in-session days. The names of the individuals nominated by the divisions shall be arranged in random order on the official ballot. The Chair of the Faculty shall conduct all elections and will archive the results of elections for a minimum of four years.

    4. The Chair of the Faculty shall announce the results of all elections at a faculty meeting according to the following schedule: March – newly elected divisional representatives to faculty committees; April – divisional nominees for at-large positions; May – newly elected at-large members of faculty committees.

    5. All offices for the same committee which have the same term shall be considered as one group in the election of at-large faculty representatives to faculty committees. Each division shall select one nominee for each vacant office. Nominees receiving the highest numbers of votes in the general election shall be elected.

    6. No persons may be elected or appointed to any faculty position without their consent.

    7. Student members of faculty committees will be chosen by the Student Congress from among those students in good standing petitioning for the positions.

  2. Vacancies

    In the event of a vacancy in any faculty office or committee after the spring elections, the Chair of the Faculty will send out a general call for nominations to the appropriate division members. The chair will then conduct a divisional or general election by electronic ballot. If there is only one nominee for a vacancy, the Chair of the Faculty may appoint that person to the position, subject to the approval of the faculty at its next faculty meeting.

  3. Special Elections

    Other special elections may be held at the discretion of the Chair of the Faculty or at the direction of the faculty.