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Academic Technology Advisory Committee

  1. Function: This committee will seek input from the University community and advise the Chief Information Officer on all matters related to technology and associated support services that impact, or have the potential to impact, teaching, learning, research, academic advising, and academic professional activities. This committee will cooperate with other groups, such as the Student Technology Advisory Committee and the Student Life and Academic Atmosphere Committee, as appropriate. It shall report periodically to the Committee on Management of Academic Operations.

  2. Membership. Voting members: six faculty members, of which four will be elected, one from each division, and two appointed by the Administration to balance the range of experience and expertise with information technologies. Elected members will serve three year staggered terms. Appointed members will serve a one year term. The membership should include no more than one faculty member from each department and no more than two from each division. The chair will be selected from among the voting members of the committee.

    Ex-officio members (without vote): Chief Information Officer, Director of Instructional and Learning Services, Faculty Instructional Technology Support (FITS) Faculty Coordinator, and the Registrar.