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Athletic Board

  1. Function. The primary concern of the Athletic Board is the quality of the academic and athletic experience of the student-athlete. Hence, it makes recommendations on athletic department policies regarding the student-athlete’s academic experience as well as rules and guidelines mandated by the NCAA and our athletic conference, and how these affect the student academic experience.

  2. Membership. Voting members (6): four faculty members, two of whom will be Faculty Athletic Representatives (FARs, below) and two other faculty elected at large (staggered three-year terms); the Advisor for the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC); one student appointed by SAAC.

  3. Ex-officio members (without vote): the Director of Athletics,; the Director of Alumni Relations; the Vice President for Academic Affairs, or delegate.

  4. Reporting Structure: The Chair of the Athletic Board will report to SLAAC, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, and the Athletic Director. The student appointed by SAAC will report to DePauw Student Government (DSG).

  5. Faculty Athletic Representatives (FAR): The current athletic conference requires each institution have one male and one female Faculty Athletic Representative (FAR), who also have duties specified by the NCAA. The goal is to promote community between athletics and academics through education and communication. FAR responsibilities are to attend athletic conference and NCAA meetings; promote communication between students, faculty and coaches so that the student-athlete experience can have the optimal academic and athletic impact; be a liaison for students, faculty, coaches and athletic directors with regard to conflicts between academics and athletics; participate in NCAA governance activities; assist in processing NCAA bylaw violations; assist with NCAA membership requirements; and manage NCAA surveys and postgraduate scholarships. Each new FAR is appointed to a five-year term by the Athletic Director, with confirmation from the Chair of the Faculty and the President. Faculty will be notified in advance by the Athletic Board and the Chair of the Faculty when a new FAR term comes up. FARs are appointed to staggered five-year terms, and can serve consecutive terms; there are no term limits.