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Faculty Development Committee

  1. Function. This committee shall plan and execute faculty development programs within the University and coordinate institutional programs with faculty development programs of outside agencies. The committee will cooperate with the Committee on Faculty in establishing policies for faculty development.

    This committee shall make recommendations to the President of the University concerning the granting of institutional research and development funds, leaves of absence, and selection of institutional nominees for grants or awards given by outside agencies. Policies and procedures of faculty development programs are outlined in detail in the Faculty Development Handbook which is available online or from the Academic Affairs Office.

  2. Membership. Six elected faculty members (one elected from each division and two elected at-large) of which no more than two may be from one division and no more than one from each department. The chair for this committee shall be chosen from among the elected faculty members.

    Ex-officio members (without vote): the Vice President for Academic Affairs (or his or her representative); the Coordinator for Faculty Development.