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Committee on Experiential Learning

  1. Function. This committee shall make policy recommendations related to on-campus and off-campus experiential learning opportunities, both domestic and international, for courses or programs that occur during the semester, during winter term, or during summer or other breaks. Experiential learning is defined broadly to include community-based research, service learning, community and civic engagement, internship opportunities, international and domestic study opportunities, and graduate and career development. The Committee on Experiential Learning considers all aspects of experiential education at DePauw, including:

    1. Establishing and refining an educational philosophy of international, experiential, civic, and career development at DePauw University;

    2. Designing guidelines and initiatives that enhance DePauw’s on- and off-campus curriculum;

    3. Setting and defining standards for experiential learning opportunities, and ensuring that those standards are applied to the approval of off-campus study programs, winter term courses, and internship programs;

    4. Reviewing policies, procedures, and standards pertaining to all Winter Term programs, off-campus study experiences, service learning, and community based research opportunities;

    5. Advising on administrative issues associated with the ongoing functions of the Kathryn F. Hubbard Center for Student Engagement;

    6. Promoting international, civic, and graduate education and career planning opportunities throughout the on-campus curriculum;

    7. Promoting experiential learning opportunities for DePauw faculty, staff, and students locally, domestically, and internationally;

    8. Conducting periodic evaluation and assessment of the various programs under the purview of the committee

    The Committee on Experiential Learning shall report each semester to the Committee on Academic Policy and Planning.

  2. Membership.  Voting Members:  the Vice President for Academic Affairs (or his or her representative); the Dean of Experiential Education; 6 elected faculty members (one elected from each division and two at-large faculty members) of which no more than two may be from one division and no more than one from one department; and 2 students selected by the DePauw Student Government. 

    Ex-officio members (without vote): two staff members from the Kathryn F. Hubbard Center for Student Engagement.