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Faculty Meetings

A.  Regular and Called

There shall be one regular meeting of the faculty each month of the academic year. Additional meetings when desired may be called by the Chair of the Faculty.

B.  All faculty members may attend faculty meetings and participate freely in discussions.

C.  Voting

  1. Full-time faculty members holding positions with academic or nominal rank, including those on sabbatical, pre-tenure, or academic leave, may vote. (See Article I.B of the Personnel Policies for a definition of full-time faculty positions.) The President, the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Registrar also have voting privileges.

  2. Faculty members in part-time positions may attend faculty meetings and participate in debate, but not vote; however, Senior (Emeriti) Professors are eligible to vote during any semester in which they are teaching at least one course.

  3. A quorum shall consist of 40% of the faculty eligible to vote and not on approved leave (rounded to the nearest whole number). This number shall be determined for each semester by the Vice President for Academic Affairs, using the faculty roster as of the Friday immediately preceding the first faculty meeting of each semester. Immediately after the call to order at the first faculty meeting of each semester, the Vice President for Academic Affairs shall announce the quorum requirement for that semester. The next order of business after the call to order at each faculty meeting shall be the verification of a quorum by the Chair of the Faculty; (for the first meeting of the semester, the quorum verification shall occur after the Vice President for Academic Affairs has announced the requirement).

  4. All voting in meetings, unless otherwise stipulated, shall be by show of hands. However, at the request of any faculty member the vote shall be by secret ballot.

  5. Any voting faculty member may object to including an item on the Consent Agenda. Such an objection will result in full debate of the item under the appropriate order of business.

D.  Order of Business

At all regular faculty meetings the following items must be included in the order of business:

1.  Call to order and verification of quorum,
2.  Consent Agenda

a. Approval of minutes
b. Approval of new courses and announcement of course changes (as needed)
c. Approval of election results (as needed)
d. Conferring of baccalaureate degrees (as needed)
f.  Other (as needed)

3. Reports from coordinating committees,
4.  Reports from other committees,
5.  Remarks from the Vice President for Academic Affairs,
6.  Remarks from the President,
7.  Old business,
8.  New business,
9.  Announcements, and
10.  Adjournment.

E.  Parliamentary Procedure

  1. The following shall be circulated at least three days before each faculty meeting: copies of the minutes of the last meeting and an agenda including the specific committee motions to be voted on at the next meeting including the exact text of the consent agenda. All committee motions on which there is to be a vote at a faculty meeting must have been announced in the agenda circulated before that meeting.

  2. All business shall be conducted according to proper parliamentary procedure as set forth in Robert's Rules of Order.