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Standing Rules

  1. The regular meeting of the faculty shall be held once a month during the academic year. The time and place of these regular meetings shall be determined and announced by the Chair of the Faculty to all faculty members by May 1 of the previous academic year.

  2. In addition to faculty members as defined in Section 1, the following persons may attend faculty meetings: student members of coordinating committees, the President of the student body, and representatives (two from each) of THE DEPAUW, WGRE, and Student TV Board of Directors. Additional representatives may be permitted at the discretion of the Chair of the Faculty before the meeting starts.

  3. The following persons may attend and may also make presentations, respond to questions, and participate in discussions: vice presidents, deans, other senior administrators as designated by the President, and others to whom permission is granted by prior agreement with the presiding officer or by majority faculty vote at the beginning of the meeting.

  4. Motions will normally be voted upon at the meeting at which the motion is made. However, previous notice must be given on the written agenda of a regular meeting of the faculty at least one month preceding a vote for changes in graduation requirements, academic policies and personnel policies. Other motions may be postponed by the vote of the house.