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Exam Proctoring Policy

If a faculty member cannot be present for a regularly scheduled exam, or if a faculty member needs to administer a make-up exam, it is the faculty member’s responsibility to make appropriate arrangements for distributing, proctoring, and collecting the exam(s). (In the context of this policy, proctoring means providing direct supervision of the student(s), including enforcing the faculty member’s or the University’s academic policies, enforcing time limits, and deciding whether to take action or what action to take when witnessing a potential instance of academic dishonesty.)

For an exam administered during a regularly scheduled class session or at an alternatively scheduled time, the faculty member should arrange for the exam to be proctored by a faculty colleague.

For a make-up exam administered to individual students outside of a regularly scheduled class period, it is acceptable to ask a department secretary or an administrative staff member to hand the exam to the student and/or to receive it when the student is done with the exam, provided that this occurs during the department secretary’s or administrative staff member’s regularly scheduled hours. It is inappropriate to ask a department secretary or administrative staff member to proctor the exam. It is also inappropriate to require that the student take the exam in the department secretary’s or administrative staff member’s office as this may impede the employee in carrying out fully his or her primary duties.

Please click here for the University’s policy on the proctoring of exams for students requiring accommodations under the American Disabilities Act.