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Field Trip and Special Event Funds

Please see below for Application Guidelines.

Field Trip Funds

Limited funds are available for class-related field trips to off-campus sites, usually within 100 miles of Greencastle. Faculty members are encouraged to propose field trips designed to enrich the work of a specific course or academic program. Recent field trips have taken students to museums, plays, films, concerts, and architectural sites in Indiana and nearby states. In recent years, a few weekend trips to museums in New York City and Washington, D.C. have received partial funding, with students covering a substantial portion of the cost.

Attendance Policy / Missing Other Classes

Faculty members may not require student attendance for trips held outside the regularly scheduled class meeting times. We know from experience, however, that if students learn about a trip at the beginning of the semester, most will adjust their schedules in order to be able to attend.

Faculty members are cautioned to avoid scheduling field trips that conflict with regularly scheduled classes. If a trip will conflict with students’ other class meetings, faculty members should

a) prepare a note well in advance for students to take to their other professors, and

b) explain carefully and more than once that students must ask their other professors, in person, about the possibility of missing a class meeting and about the best way to make up missed work.

If a student’s professors are unwilling to make an exception to the absence policy (or if they are unwilling to reschedule an exam), the student must either forego the field trip or accept the consequences of missing a class meeting.

Students unable to attend field trips may not be penalized but may be asked to complete an alternative assignment.

Field trips will be funded first-come, first-served. Modest requests ($50-250) will be given priority, and some funds will be set aside in the fall to support field trips during second semester.

Special Event Funds

Limited funds are available for class-related events, such as end-of-semester performances or local speakers invited to attend a class meeting. Please apply for these funds at least two weeks ahead of time.

Faculty members should apply to the Public Occasions Committee (Keith Nightenhelser,, x 4712) to request speakers for whom the cost will be substantial (over $100) or to schedule an all-campus performance or lecture.


Applications may be sent via email to Becky Wallace (

Please submit your application at least two weeks prior to the date of your trip or special event, and include the following information:

  • Course number and title.


  • Proposed date for the field trip or special event.


  • Brief explanation of how the trip or event will support the work in your course.


  • Rough budget for the trip or event, including anticipated cost of transportation, tickets, meals, etc., and approximate total cost.


  • Proposed share of cost (about 30% of total) to be charged to student accounts.

Approval of applications for Field Trip and Special Event Funds will be made by email, usually within a week of submission of your application. If you have questions, please contact Dave Berque, Dean of Academic Life (ext. 4601,


1. To reserve a van, contact the University Service Center (ext. 4020).

2. Student drivers must receive certification from Public Safety (ext. 4261) before they may drive a van. For trips out of state, one adult must ride in each van.

3. Whenever possible, use a University commercial credit card to cover expenses and submit original, itemized receipts to Becky Wallace in Academic Affairs.

4. For expenses not charged to a University commercial credit card, original, itemized receipts and a signed voucher sheet must be submitted to Becky Wallace in Academic Affairs.

5. Faculty members must submit a list of students participating in the field trip to Becky Wallace prior to the trip. No reimbursements may be made until the list of students is received.

revised June 7, 2006