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Hospitality Funds

Hospitality Funds / All Teaching Faculty

Full-time and part-time teaching faculty members are eligible for up to $200 per academic year to help support non-required student-faculty gatherings and meals.  

These funds are limited and will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Hospitality Funds may not be used for snacks or meals during regular class meetings or exams or other required components of a course.


  • Department and program entertainment funds,rather than Hospitality Funds, should be used to pay for department related events (such as interest group or academic club meetings, meals for newly declared majors, food for senior celebrations and readings, etc.).

    It is appropriate to draw on Hospitality Funds for the following activities:

    • Meal at faculty member’s house.


    • Meal in campus dining rooms and restaurants (students with meal plans should use their IDs to cover a portion of the cost).


    • Meals at a local restaurant (there is a cap of $10 per meal per person, although students or faculty members may make up the difference for more expensive meals).”


    • Meal related to non-required class meeting (for example, pizza and film in the evening). Reminder: students may be encouraged, but not required, to attend class meetings held outside of regular time banks.


    • Reunions of classes from past semesters.


    Whenever possible, faculty members should use a University commercial credit card to cover expenses. CLA faculty should send original, itemized receipts and a signed voucher sheet promptly to Becky Wallace (ext. 6555), Julian 377.  SOM faculty should submit materials for reimbursement to Jennifer Soster.

    revised August 18, 2014