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Evaluation of Librarians Serving in Renewable Term Faculty Positions.

Effective with the 2014-15 Academic Year, librarians shall be evaluated as follows:

- 3rd Year Term Review
- 7th Year Term and Promotion to “with rank of Associate Professor” review
- After completing seven years in “with rank of Associate Professor,” a librarian is eligible for timely promotion review to “with rank of Professor”
- After promotion to “with rank of Professor,” librarians are no longer subject to a formal review

The Vice President for Academic Affairs appoints a review committee consisting of the Dean of Libraries, all full-time professional librarians (excluding the candidate under review and those in their first year of service), and two faculty members from outside the library. The librarian develops a file for review in the same way as do full-time faculty members. The committee submits a report and recommendation to the President through the Committee on Faculty and the Vice President for Academic Affairs. The Dean of Libraries and associate director are reviewed in this manner to evaluate their work as librarians; the Vice President for Academic Affairs separately reviews their administrative performance.

If a librarian has taught a credit-bearing course, the annual report shall include reflection about the teaching of that course which will be reviewed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs in consultation with the Committee on Faculty if necessary.