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Evaluation of Faculty Members in Tenured Positions

  1. (In mandating merit awards, the Board of Trustees at its 1994 October meeting authorized the administration to change or supersede this paragraph. For current administration policy on evaluation see the special notice distributed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.) Every third semester, the tenured faculty member shall arrange to have student opinion surveys conducted in each course, according to procedures approved by the Committee on Faculty and the administration. These surveys shall be returned to the faculty member for his or her own personal development and improvement.
  2. Promotion evaluations (for associate professor and professor ranks) shall be carried out for candidates nominated for promotion to associate and full professor, using the stated guidelines, procedures, and criteria for promotion. (See below.)
  3. Requests for sabbatical and special leaves; released time for research, service, and innovative teaching programs; and grants for research projects, equipment, and continuing education are reviewed by designated faculty committees and approved by appropriate university officers if they lead to toward professional development of the faculty member and further the goals of the University.