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Becker Fellows 2011-2012

With funding provided by David B. Becker ’75, DePauw has created the ITAP Becker Fellows Award. This award is given to ten upper-class ITAP associates who have demonstrated significant achievement in on-campus and off-campus internship opportunities.

Lois Aryee ’12

During her time in ITAP, Lois has uniquely combined her interests in information technology, international development, and social service. Her sophomore and junior years, Lois interned with Information and Learning Services to provide IT assistance to faculty and staff. As a senior Lois transitioned to the Office of Spiritual Life to work on Social Media Outreach and Communications. Off campus Lois interned with Cummins Inc., trained to be a special advocate for disadvantaged children in courts of law, and worked at an orphanage in Nicaragua. She also spent a summer conducting independent research on the opportunities and challenges presented by microfinance in Ghana. Lois is from Saltpond, Ghana and studied Economics at DePauw. After graduation she plans to work in the field of international development.
Joseph Barana ’12

In his time with ITAP Jo has gone from learning about technology to teaching it. Jo is a Computer Science and Psychology double major from Flushing, New York. As a sophomore in ITAP, he worked to develop web content for Eugene Gloria in the English Department. As a junior and senior, he has worked as an ITAP Student Rotation Host training ITAP first-year interns on the basics of programming through Visual Basic .NET. Some of Jo’s off-campus experiences include EMT training over Winter term and study in the Galapagos islands. After graduation he plans to teach in the New York area.
Tanmoy Lala Das ’12

Originally from Kolkata, India, Tanmoy has worked with the ITAP program administration as a Student Director, representing ITAP to prospective students and their parents and providing a student perspective on program initiatives. Over Winter Term 2011, he conducted research on cancer perceptions among healthy populations in India and during off campus internships he learned much about medical research. For other internships, he worked in a laboratory at Boston Children’s Hospital and as a surgical clerk at the Columbia University Medical Center. Additionally, when he was a Science Research Fellow, Tanmoy studied materials chemistry with Professor Hilary Eppley. Tanmoy majored in Biology with a minor in Biochemistry at DePauw. After graduation he will be working as a Research Assistant at the Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City.
Kaitrin Higbee ’12

Kaitrin, a psychology major at DePauw, holds a black belt in Hapkido. In her ITAP internships, Kaitrin has worked on the Special Projects Web Team in Information Services as well as in the Office of Admissions. Over the summer of 2009, Kaitrin worked with ACORN and NDTGamma as a research assistant. Kaitrin is from Millersburg, Indiana and in the future, she plans to work as a research assistant in the field of Cognitive Psychology.
ShanKara Johnson ’12

ShanKara is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and majored in Computer Science at DePauw with a minor in Japanese. During her time with ITAP, ShanKara has worked as a Digital Video Production Assitant producing high quality videos for use at DePauw. During summers Shankara developed a software program that ameliorates the health risks of typing, evaluated and analyzed the AIRPACT air quality control system, and participated in a seminar on ethics in science. After graduation ShanKara hopes to work in the field of Information Technology for some years before going to graduate school.
Tyler Perfitt ’11

Tyler is a junior from Evansville, Indiana. During his time in ITAP, Tyler worked as a Music Instructional Technology Specialist in the School of Music. Tyler is majoring in Biology and Spanish with a minor in Classical Studies. In addition to ITAP, he is involved in academic research and sports. A member of the swim team, he spent a winter term building a website for the swim team to connect with alumni, parents, and new recruits. Tyler’s academic research has involved studying the effects of nicotine on zebrafish and conducting neuroscience research at Indiana University through the National Science Foundation. This summer he will be working at el Hospital de San Isidro in Buenos Aires.
Matthew Polky ’12

Matt majored in Computer Science at DePauw. During his time with ITAP, Matt worked as a HelpDesk Intern helping resolve hardware, software and network-related issues and serving as a point of contact for students and faculty with computing difficulties. Originally from Terre Haute, Indiana, Matt interned as a UX Analyst with the production team at Whodini, Inc. in California. While there, Matt created wireframes and mockups for the product user interface and company website. After graduation Matt hopes to return to Whodini, Inc.
Amanda Russ ’12

Through ITAP, Mandy combined her interest in teaching with information technology. Interning with the Faculty Instructional Technology Support (FITS) at DePauw, Mandy assisted faculty and students with learning technology and applying it to teaching and learning. In addition to helping campus members adopt Google Apps for Education, Mandy served as the Google Student Ambassador at DePauw. Off campus Mandy worked as a teaching assistant in Dayton, OH and Oklahoma City, OK, where she experienced Montessori-style teaching and the administrative responsibilities of directing a school. Mandy studied Mathematics, Anthropology, and Education at DePauw. Originally from Bellbrook, Ohio, Mandy will be teaching at Tam-Kang High School in Taiwan.
Aishwarya Subbaraman ’12

While in ITAP, Aishwarya worked with the program’s administration as Student Director creating first-year interview training, developing program publicity, and providing a student perspective on program initiatives. In the spring of 2010, she interned with the Clinton Global Initiative, a branch of the Clinton Foundation in New York City. Aishwarya is from Bangalore, India and studied Economics and Political Science at DePauw. After graduation she will attend graduate school for Economics at New York University.
Meixue Xu ’12

Meixue came to DePauw from Siping City, China, with a particular interest in art. While in ITAP, she worked as the Environmental Education Web and Publications Author for the Environmental Fellows Program and then as a Student Assistant Director for ITAP. Off-campus she has followed her interest in art to study the Chinese art market in Beijing and complete an internship at the Onishi Gallery in New York City. After graduation, Meixue plans to work for a gallery or auction house in New York City.

A special thanks to Mr. Becker for his support of technology initiatives at DePauw, including support for previous Becker Fellows.