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Becker Fellows 2012-2013

With funding provided by David B. Becker ’75, DePauw has created the ITAP Becker Fellows Award. This award is given to ten upper-class ITAP associates who have demonstrated significant achievement in on-campus and off-campus internship opportunities.


James Burgess ’13

From Montrose, Illinois, Jimmy graduated DePauw with a degree in Computer Science. His ITAP accomplishments include working as an Advanced Programmer and Web Experiment Developer for Assistant Professor of Psychology, Michael Roberts. Jimmy also interned with Dave Berque, Professor of Computer Science, in Persuasive Technology and Virtual Goal Software Development on two different projects—Trinkon, a social networking application which helps colleges and other organizations engage their constituents and the RSI Destroyer project, which resulted in a publication which Jimmy co-authored. He spent the summer of 2010 as an intern researching through Research Experiences for Undergraduates at the Aerospace Corporation in Los Angeles and at the Technology Services Group in Chicago in 2011. After graduation, Jimmy will begin working in San Franciso for ExactTarget as a Software Consultant after three months of training at their Indianapolis office.

Francis Fordjour ’13

Francis came to DePauw from Kumasi, Ghana, with an interest in studying biochemistry, which later became his major. While in ITAP, Francis worked as an intern for Instructional Learning Services and the HelpDesk, where he eventually became a student director. Francis held a summer research internship at Saint Louis University studying Group B Streptococcus. He also participated in research at the University of Amsterdam and the University of Iowa College of Medicine. During Winter Term his senior year, Francis worked in Uganda with a team of students from Harvard University, Massachusetts General Hospital and Child Malnutrition. Upon graduation, Francis is planning to start his Ph.D. in Biochemistry at John Hopkins University.

Elise Henricks ’13

Elise is from Normal, Illinois, and majored in Economics and French with minors in International Business and European Studies. Her ITAP positions were as diverse as her majors and minors. She worked as the Flash Developer in the Office of Admission, as a technical training and instructional development intern in Instructional Learning Services, and finally as the Assistive Technology Intern in the Student Disability Services office. Elise took an off-campus Winter Term course, U.S. European Relations: Past Present and Future, during which she traveled to Europe. In 2012, Elise interned in Paris, France, through Internships in Francophone Europe. After graduation, she will be teaching English in the Bordeaux region of France for one year, as well as pursuing a position as a nanny. Following her English-teaching experience in France, Elise will pursue a Master's degree in Library Science at the University of Illinois.

Vishal Khandelwal ’13

Vishal, from Kolkata, India, double majored in Economics and Art History. While in ITAP, Vishal developed his technological and leadership skills working closely with his art history major. He edited and published art newsletters while working as the Web Feature Writer / Arts Publicity Coordinator for Arts Publicity and Marketing. Before serving as a student assistant director for ITAP, Vishal interned off campus for a public relations firm in San Francisco and for the Audience Engagement Department of the Indianapolis Museum of Art. His study abroad experience includes a semester at New College, Oxford University, as well as an independent art history summer research project in Kolkata and Rome. After traveling the U.S. after graduation, Vishal is starting the History of Art Ph.D program at the University of Michigan.

Kunhee Lee ’13

Kunhee, a biochemistry major, came to DePauw from Jinja, Uganda. While in ITAP, she worked as a science animator for Daniel Gurnon, Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry and as a Student Assistant Director for ITAP. Kunhee spent two winter terms on independent projects, such as making an animated molecule of a protein MA4344 and designing a chemistry lab manual for the Greencastle Middle School. She spent the summer of 2010 in Korea teaching English to elementary students and in 2011 she worked with a church in Uganda. Kunhee also was research assistant at the Neurosciences Department at the Medical University of South Carolina. After graduation, her efforts will focus on job hunting and wedding planning.

Amanda Metternich ’13

Amanda is a biology major and education minor from Terre Haute, Indiana. Amanda enjoyed working at the HelpDesk, where she was an intern for all three years. She studied Costa Rica’s biological and cultural diversity during her off-campus Winter Term in 2011 and spent a semester abroad in Edinburgh, Scotland during the fall of 2011. Amanda also interned in the animal care department of the Indianapolis Zoo the following summer. Her plans include a one-year position as an Environmental Scientist/Biologist in New Orleans, Louisiana, after which she will apply to graduate school, where she hopes to obtain a research assistantship while working toward a Ph.D. in Ecology.

Ngoc-Anh Nguyen ’13

Anh combined her interest in technology with her career interest in digital marketing through ITAP and her education at DePauw. Coming from Hanoi, Vietnam, she promoted DePauw as the E-marketing Intern for the Office of Admission through social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). She completed three majors—Economics, Mass Communication, and French. Anh studied at the Danish Institute for Study Abroad, as well as holding a finance internship in Copenhagen, Denmark. In addition, she held a marketing internship with Greencastle Project Ignition and an e-marketing internship at Merriment Design. After graduation, Anh will begin her double-graduate degree in Corporate Communication and Change Management/ Marketing and Communication at the IAE Aix Graduate School of Management near Aix-en-Provence, Puyricard, France.

Ruxanda Profir ’13

Sanda, an economics major, worked as an instructional technologist for the Faculty Instructional Technology Support office, assisting faculty and students. From Chisinau, Moldova, Sanda provided leadership in ITAP as a Student Director her senior year. Sanda spent her junior year off-campus as a Quality Intern in Miami, FL, for Subway’s Independent Purchasing Cooperative in the fall and as a Wealth Management Intern for Lloyds Banking Group in Scotland, in addition to studying at Edinburgh Napier University. A member of the Management Fellows Program, Sanda will be job hunting in London after graduation.

Jonathan Saddler ’13

Jonathan, who is from Detroit, Michigan,  joined ITAP to learn technology skills in addition to his Computer Science major. As an intern, Jonathan held the position of Web Director for WGRE, the university radio station, under Chris Newton, Assistant Director of Pulliam Center for Contemporary Media. He spent the summer of 2011 in a National Science Foundation internship at Jackson State University working on the project "Degree-Constrained Spanning Tree based Data Gathering in Wireless Sensor Networks.” The following summer, he had another NSF internship to work on a different project, “Analysis of Data on AccuVote Optical Scan Tabulator Memory Cards,” with professors Shvartsman and Michel from the University of Connecticut. Upon graduating from DePauw, Jonathan will begin a Ph.D. program in Computer Science at University of Nebraska.

Gregory Screws ’13

Hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, Greg worked as a Geographic Information Systems intern for all three years, which complemented his major, Environmental Geoscience. Greg also minored in Religious Studies and Economics. With a summer internship in Greencastle, he worked for CTEP (Community Technology Enhancement Program) refurbishing computers for distribution to qualifying individuals and organizations in need. His research included studying Yosemite and Death Valey National Parks and, in the summer of 2012, studying agricultural runoff in the Big Walnut Creek Watershed with Jeanette Pope, Associate Professor of Geosciences. After graduating from DePauw, Greg will spend two years in the Peace Corps working on an agricultural and environmental sustainability project to prevent overharvesting in Cameroon.

A special thanks to Mr. Becker for his support of technology initiatives at DePauw, including support for previous Becker Fellows.