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Becker Fellows 2010-2011


Avery Archer ’11
Avery is a Physics/Mathematics double major from Fort Wayne, IN. Avery spent one semester as a Digital Video Intern for the DePauw Environmental Policy Project. The rest of his ITAP career he worked for the Office of Admission as an Assistant Web Developer, primarily creating Flash e-cards for prospective student and Admission events. His summer and off-campus experiences include a Faculty Development Committee-sponsored research internship with Professor John Caraher at DePauw University Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics, working on 2-photon absorption spectroscopy. He also conducted research with Professor August Evrard at the University of Michigan working on the Millennium Gas Simulation through Research Experiences for Undergraduates, an NSF-funded program. After graduation, Avery will be entering the Physics Ph.D. program at Washington University in St. Louis, MO, with a focus in Astrophysics.


Alex Billingsley ’11
A Computer Science major from Carol Stream, IL., Alex enjoyed his ITAP on-campus internship working as a software developer on several projects under Professor Dave Berque in the position of DyKnow Project Assistant. Alex was also invaluable in helping Jason Shore, Creative Director of Web Services, with the development of the DePauw iPhone App. Alex’s off-campus internships included working as a Systems Developer for DyKnow Indianapolis. After graduation, Alex will be moving to Indianapolis, IN, where he has been hired to join the staff of DyKnow Indianapolis as a Systems Developer.


Ganga Devaiah ’11
Ganga is an Economics major from Yangon, Burma. She has held a variety of positions in ITAP, beginning as a START consultant under Michael Gough ’05, Director of Student Technology Support in the Instructional Learning Services department, where she assisted students on campus with technology questions. Taking on the position of Multimedia Reporter and later New Media Producer, Ganga created multimedia stories under the direction of Professor Lili Wright, advisor to the campus newspaper, The DePauw. Ganga worked one summer for Save the Children in Burma, and the following year for College Mentors for Kids in Indianapolis, IN, for which she received a Lilly-funded Opportunity for Collaboration stipend. After graduation, Ganga will return to Burma for a year to seek a position in a business, health or environmental arena in Burma or India, after which she plans to attend graduate school to study Biostatistics.


Noé Flores ’11
Noé is a Biochemistry major from Ft. Wayne, IN. He began his ITAP career as a Digital Video Production Assistant under Doug Fellegy ’05, ITAP Digital Video Instructor. Noé went on to become a Student Director in Instructional and Learning Services, working two years for Lynda LaRoche, Assistant Director of I.L.S. Noé’s internship experiences include summer research through the Science Research Fellows Program, where he studied evolutionary development in salamanders with DePauw Professor Janet Vaglia. The following summer he investigated possible causes of neuro-degenerative diseases in a project through Research Experiences for Undergraduates at Colorado State University in Ft. Collins, CO. Noé’s future plans are pending while he decides whether he will join the ranks of Teach for America or begin graduate school at Denver Seminary.



Stacie Grissom ’11
Stacie, an English Writing major from Franklin, IN, has spent her time in ITAP honing her video filming and editing skills as a Digital Video Intern under ITAP Video Instructor, Douglas Fellegy ’05. Stacie has also taken advantage of a number of opportunities for off-campus experiences, including a summer internship with television station Channel Fox 59 in Indianapolis, IN, as well as a semester-long internship in New York City, NY, at CBS Sunday Morning. Stacie hopes to return to New York and is currently pursuing a position at such businesses as or at NPR’s This American Life.


Andrew Maddocks ’11
Andrew, who comes from Barrington, RI, is a Conflict Studies major. Andrew held a variety of ITAP on-campus internship experiences. His first position was Web Intern with Professor of English Istvan Csicsery-Ronay. As a junior, Alex worked as a Web Design Intern for Carol Steele, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs. His last year at DePauw, he interned with Jonathon Coffin ’06, Associate Director of the Office of Communications and Strategic Initiatives. Andrew maximized his off-campus experience as an intern reporter two summers, first at the Salt Lake Tribune, in Salt Lake City, UT; and, the following year at The Oregonian, in Portland, OR. Andrew also spent a semester off campus interning at Circle of Blue, an organization reporting, researching, and analyzing water resource issues. Andrew plans to take an NPR internship in an Ombudsman’s office doing internal research of complaints and ethics code, about which he hopes to produce a half-hour long film. After that, he is considering returning to Circle of Blue.



Emily Riggs ’11
Emily is from Granger, IN; she majored in Communications. Emily varied her on-campus ITAP experience with several internships—Digital Video Production Assistant under Doug Fellegy ’05, ITAP Digital Video Instructor; Communications Intern, writing for the Information Services blog; and HelpDesk Intern her senior year. Emily also worked several summers as a marketing intern with the South Bend Silver Hawks (a minor league baseball team affiliated with the Arizona Diamondbacks) in South Bend, IN. She subsequently held a semester-long internship as the Marketing and Community Partnerships Assistant for them as well. After graduation, Emily will continue to work for the Silver Hawks as Assistant Director of Marketing, Promotions and Community Relations in South Bend, IN.


Jordan Stefanov ’11
Jordan, an Economics major, is originally from Kazanlak, Bulgaria. During his sophomore year in ITAP, Jordan helped create a website for Professor Matt Hertenstein’s Touch and Emotion Lab. Jordan worked in the Office of Alumni Relations where he assisted with their marketing and programming his senior year. Jordan also enjoyed two off-campus internships, including one at Brunswick Group, a financial PR company in New York City, NY, followed by another at Entrea Capital in Sofia, Bulgaria, as an Investment Banking Analyst. After graduating, Jordan will be joining the Management Consulting practice of PricewaterhouseCoopers in London, UK. He plans to attend graduate school after gaining more work experience.


Christine Walker ’11
Christine is a Politcal Science major from Fort Wayne, IN. Christine’s ITAP career at DePauw has been devoted to the HelpDesk, first as a HelpDesk Intern and later as a HelpDesk Student Director, under Donna Arrington, Director of Tiger Services. Christine worked off campus as a legal intern for Sallee and Adams Attorneys-at-Law in Greencastle, IN. Christine has been a dynamic force on DePauw’s campus, her activities culminating in becoming Student Body President and ultimately winning the prestigious Walker Cup. Christine’s immediate plans include attending St. Louis University School of Law this fall.


William Trent Wood ’11
Trent is from Tulsa, OK, and is majoring in Economics. Trent’s ITAP on-campus internship position was Technology Support Specialist under Sandy Smith at the Management Fellows office in the McDermond Center. His off-campus internship experiences include working with as a Web Analytics Intern in London, UK. In Tulsa, OK, Trent held a summer internship in marketing at the Idea Studio, as well as a semester-long internship at ParBuster, where he worked as a Web Design/Sales/Product Development Intern. In addition, Trent is co-owner of a family-business in Tulsa. After graduation, Trent will be working in Springfield, MO, with VIP Technology Solutions Group in the department of Sales/Business Development (IT Infrastructure Solutions).

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