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Internships Off-Campus

ITAP interns are encouraged to complement and enrich their ITAP experience by participating in an off-campus IT-related internship during their DePauw career.

Off-Campus Experience

While off-campus internships are not a requirement, interns are strongly encouraged to explore their options from the start. They use this experiential opportunity to:

  • Explore professional areas of interest
  • Enhance technology, interpersonal, and leadership skills
  • Apply the technology training and leadership skills acquired as an ITAP intern
  • Gain valuable work experience
  • Increase exposure to future prospective employers
  • Help define their post-graduate pursuits
  • Explore a variety of corporate and organizational cultures

Internship Planning

Off-campus internships require long-term planning, which will help ITAP students best determine how one or more off-campus internships fit into their academic and career plans:

  • Internships at some companies require students to apply early, for example, September for summer or fall internships in the following year.
  • In addition to internship application requirements, students must adhere to academic deadlines beginning approximately one year in advance for fall and spring semester internships through the Office of Civic, Professional, and Global Opportunities.

Students interested in searching for internships or planning for future internships should schedule an appointment with the Information Technology Internship Coordinator and Assistant Director of ITAP, Brandy Richmond, at or (765) 658-4718 by September for winter and fall semester programs and by March for summer and spring semester programs.