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Current Hosts

ITAP internship hosts provide valuable supervision and mentoring for interns, who provide assistance for projects.

Digital Video HostHost Responsibilities

  • Provide clearly-articulated objectives for projects along with the opportunity to ask questions for clarification on expectations.
  • Create with the intern a realistic and attainable timeline to meet those objectives (ITAP associates work approximately 8-10 hrs per week).
  • Faciliate reasonable access to learning resources (e.g. manuals, handouts, etc.), technical resources (e.g. computers, software, etc.) and sufficient workspace to accomplish their tasks.
  • Create opportunities for open dialogue with associates to confirm that goals are being met and that projects are on schedule. Hosts should contact ITAP staff with any questions or concerns at any time.
  • Provide feedback through evaluations of associates’ work at least twice a year (mid-fall and mid-spring). While ITAP staff provide a review form in the fall, hosts should have associates update their ePortfolios, including reflection on how they have grown professionally and personally the past year. Hosts review the ePortfolios and meet with interns to provide feedback on areas of success and improvement, including within the ePortfolio itself.

Associates and hosts are encouraged to create and sign a “Project Contract” that lays out the project expectations of both parties and the desired project outcomes according to the developed timeline.

Associate Responsibilities

  • Act professionally and responsibly at all times.
  • Communicate often and reasonably with project hosts, so that they understand the project objectives, expectations, and the tasks at hand.
  • Ask for help when needed to ensure the continued progress of projects.
  • Notify their hosts when conflicts arise in their work schedules and should work with hosts to make up the hours lost if needed.

Associate Rehire

Hosts wishing to rehire current associates for the next academic year follow the same procedures as prospective hosts. They should review the call for proposals sent out each year and submit an application for the position to be posted in the Classifieds. The Classifieds are the resource to show everyone which positions are on-campus, but positions with rehired interns will be marked "filled." Please contact Angie Smock with any questions about submitting a proposal, rehiring an intern, or approving time cards.

For the timeline for applications, browse to Classifieds.