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Professional Development Series

The ITAP Professional Development Series (PDS) assists with the development of ITAP interns as well-rounded students and professionals.

Purpose of PDS

PDS events provide interns with an enhanced awareness of information technology’s impact in the context of society, education, and business; develop the skills needed to apply technology in real-world situations; and contribute to the community of information technology scholars and professionals through workshops from the three main categories of leadership, society and culture, and skills development. 

Intern Participation

Interns participate in at least three approved events per semester with only one skills session counting towards the three (interns are not required to attend any skills sessions and can attend any combination of the leadership and society/culture categories). Interns receive credit for attendance by submitting an online survey within an hour after the event.  Please note that any DPU student, staff, or faculty member can attend events marked open to campus, but other sessions are available only to ITAP interns.

Interns planning to attend applicable lectures/workshops not included in the PDS listings may petition the ITAP administration at least one week prior to the event to receive PDS credit.  In the petition, students must successfully convince staff how the event accomplishes at least one of the objectives of the Professional Development Series.  Approval of all events is made at the discretion of the ITAP administration.

Spring 2014 Series Opportunities-all ITAP students including graduating seniors must attend and verify their attendance at three sessions each semester via a survey tool.

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