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Each first-year ITAP apprentice completes 4 six-week rotations (8-10 hours per week) throughout the year to experience different areas of IT.


In addition to gaining technological skills, apprentices complete one-hour+ learning journal assignments, reflecting on their rotation experiences, at the end of weeks 3 and 6 of the rotation. Most rotations require group meetings a few hours a week. Please refer to the ITAP Handbook for more information and the ITAP Calendar for deadlines.


  • Audio Recording Services: Students will receive immersive training in DePauw's stereophonic recording, postproduction, and distribution practices.
  • Computer Service & Support: Students will learn how to install and troubleshoot software, troubleshoot and repair hardware problems, effectively communicate with clients at the HelpDesk, remove viruses, work with computer networks, and assist with classroom technology support.
  • Digital Audio: Students will be introduced to digital audio basics, including recording live, converting media, using music software applications, embedding audio files into web pages, and creating podcasts. They will also gain an understanding of how these technologies are currently being used by students, faculty, and staff on DePauw's campus.
  • Digital Video: Students will receive an introductory "hands-on" experience in the process of digital video design and production.
  • GIS (Geographic Information Systems): Students will be introduced to fundamental GIS concepts and will gain valuable experience as they learn the software and hardware necessary to generate and support a geographic information system.
  • Multimedia Design & Development: Students will learn how to create various multimedia materials by engaging in a variety of activities related to digital media development and support. Students will gain valuable experience and expertise in digital production, project management, consulting, and instructional design.
  • Training Methods: Students will learn how to design, develop, and teach technical training sessions. Students will also gain valuable skills for working with clients and people in general while learning new technology tools.
  • Web Authoring - Design & Development: Students will learn how to design and author a web site from start to finish, including identifying the purpose of the site, planning, and organizing its content, and using Dreamweaver to develop and publish a site on the Web.