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Intern Stories

The ITAP experience in the interns' words.

Please view these interviews of interns, who have had their own individual path through the program, to learn more about ITAP.

Abigail Thompson
Psychology, Rhetoric & Interpersonal Communications
Erin O' Brien
Communications, Spanish & Computer Science
Leann Burke
English Writing, Spanish & Religious Studies
Joseph's photo
Elise Henricks, Kyle Gough, Amanda Metternich, & Francis Fordjour
Kaitrin Higbee

Joseph Barana
Computer Science & Psychology
Aishwarya's photo
Aishwarya Subbaraman
Economics & Political Science

Jonathon Corwin
Economics & Computer Science

Ashley Myers
Computer Science
Brendan Belz
Economics & Spanish
Peter Schamber
Computer Science & Latin

Emily Smedra
Education, History & Spanish