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Prospective Hosts

Faculty and staff at DePauw are invited to submit an application at the beginning of Spring Semester for an ITAP intern for the following academic year.

Student and Host

Hosting Responsibilities

ITAP associates work 8-10 hours a week on technology projects for faculty and staff members around campus during their sophomore, junior, and senior years at DePauw. While the intern provides the host with technological knowledge and skills, the host provides the intern with mentoring in the host's area of expertise as well as mentoring on professional behavior. Hosts also provide interns with valuable opportunities for growth through increasing responsibility along with projects that allow for creativity and problem-solving.

Application Process

Each spring ITAP staff members send out a request for proposals for the following academic year to all faculty and staff members for internships. Approved internships are compiled into classified ads online, in which the ITAP students search for specific internships that match their interests and abilities. Interns then apply and possibly interview for those positions. For more information on how you can become an on-campus internship host, contact Angie Smock ( or Brandy Richmond (

Hosting criteria includes:

  • Clearly-articulated project objectives
  • Opportunities for ITAP intern to gain valuable technology-related work experience
  • Clearly conceived plans for mentoring intern, including plans for professional development
  • Ability to encourage and enhance student learning
  • Availability of departmental resources (i.e., hardware, software, work space, your time, etc.) to accommodate hosting an intern
  • Internship with scope and scale (year-long internships have priority over semester-long projects)
  • Breadth and depth of impact to the University community and University strategic objectives

For more information, browse to Classifieds. Hosts with approved internships who did not host the previous year meet with an ITAP staff member before the internship starts to review the program's guidelines and ask questions about the program.

Please read first: Call for proposals to host ITAP interns in 2014-2015

To apply to host an ITAP Intern: 2014 ITAP Host Application

For the timeline for applications: Classifieds

Faculty and staff needing web support from an ITAP Associate on a short-term basis should contact Angie Smock, who can facilitate contact with the Web Team.