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  • NEW this year the University Libraries are offering textbooks on reserve for first year courses as a pilot project. See below for more information.

  • Library reserves are materials, such as books, articles and videos, selected by professors for a specific class to read or watch.

  • Some reserves are available electronically and others are available at the circulation desks in the DePauw Libraries. Electronic reserves (e-reserves) can be accessed through the Course Reserves link in Moodle or navigating directly to Reserves.

  • You can sign-up to receive an alert when new items are placed on reserve for your class by selecting the Subscribe Now option on your course reserves page.

Borrowing Reserves

  • Books on reserve can be checked out for two hours and videos for six hours.
  • Headphones are also available for checkout.
  • The overdue fee for reserve material is $1.00 per hour.

Textbook Pilot

The Student Academic Life Committee has asked the University Libraries to undertake a pilot project offering textbooks on reserve for first year courses.

The rationale for this pilot is that first year students are under the greatest pressure determining textbook options and pricing. After their first year, students become much more savvy about ways to mitigate the high cost of textbooks.

This program is intended as a "bridge" program for students, not a textbook replacement service.  The intent is not to discourage the purchase of required course materials, but to offer a way to augment access during drop/add, waiting for the arrival of purchased materials, being on campus without books, etc.

The University Libraries will acquire and place on reserve required readings for courses predominantly enrolled by first year students.  We will offer one to two copies (depending on enrollment). We will not offer any "consumable" materials, such as lab manuals or workbooks.

The materials will be placed on reserve in the appropriate library (Roy O., Music or Prevo) and circulate for two hours.

If a faculty member wishes to opt out of this program for one or more of your courses, please contact Kayla Birt Flegal.

Feel free to place any reserves as you have in the past. If you have questions, please contact: Kayla Birt Flegal or Rick Provine

Questions about Reserves?

    • Call the Roy O. West Circulation Desk at x4420, or email ROW Lending
    • For questions about Music Library reserves, call x4443 or email Terry Noble
    • For questions about Prevo Science Library reserves, call x4306 or email Pam Smith