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Audio Recording Studio

Artful Capture and Reproduction

DePauw Audio Recording Services provides recording, mastering, and archival for the School of Music and University at large and provides students opportunities for exploring the art and craft of audio recording.

Spaces include a recording studio (comprising a master control room, large room, and isolation booth), and a Central Recording Services space intended to serve the GCPA's main performance and rehearsal spaces.

Equipment includes:

  • microphones by DPA, Neumann, Shure, and AKG
  • preamplifiers by Millennia Media, FMR Audio, and Avalon
  • analog to digital converters by Lucid and Prism Sound
  • monitoring via Genelec loudspeakers and AKG headphones

DePauw Audio Recording Services records to hard drives using either proprietary (Pro Tools) oe open source (Ardour) software, and to Tascam compact disc recorders for stereo backup.