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Music Handbook and Resources


General Information

General degree information and course descriptions can be found in the University Handbook.

Academic Policies

Assessment of Student Work

Student Governance

Scheduling Policies

Recital and Concert Policies

Miscellaneous Policies


Music Blogs

aworks: "new" american classical music
  • Robert Gable's posts are organized by title of piece; categories are by period in American history
Composers Forum (Sequenza 21)
  • "A daily web log that allows invited contemporary composers to share their thoughts and ideas on any topic that interests them"
I am Sitting in a Room
  • Musicology student Jason Hibbard writes contemporary thoughts on "mostly classical music"
  • Washington D.C. blog on music, art and literature
Musical Perceptions
  • Perceptions of DePauw music faculty member Scott Spiegelberg
Post Classic
  • Composer, critic, musicologist and music professor Kyle Gann on "music after the fact"
The Rambler
  • Tim Rutherford-Johnson, PhD candidate in musicology
Renewable Music
  • Blog of Daniel Wolf, American composer in Germany
The Rest is Noise
  • Articles and blog of Alex Ross, music critic of the New Yorker