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News Release Guidelines

News releases about DePauw University School of Music faculty, staff, students, ensembles, guest artists and upcoming events should be submitted to the office of the Coordinator of Music Marketing and Publicity, located in Room 1128 of the Judson and Joyce Green Center for the Performing Arts. The Marketing Coordinator will work closely with the Executive Director of Media Relations and forward all of the information supplied so that press releases can be considered for posting on the University website and for placement in the appropriate news media. The Executive Director of Media Relations will make the final determination regarding usage and placement of press releases.

Submission Guidelines

Press releases announcing and describing an event (concert, recital, lecture, master class, etc.) should be submitted to the Coordinator of Music Marketing at least two weeks prior to the starting date of the event.  Press releases cannot solely be an announcement of a concert. Contextual information of interest about the event and the music to be performed is essential to attracting audiences. Publicity information for DePauw-related concerts should be sent at the same time as the program materials. 

Faculty sponsors for invited guests and ensemble directors should provide information for a press release when submitting concert materials. (See Recital and Concert Program Policy for more information.) 

Press releases announcing competition results or awards should be submitted to the Marketing Coordinator immediately after the results are posted or the award is given.  Press releases of this type should be submitted no later than one week after the event.

No press releases will be submitted for student performances, including, but not limited to, student recital hours, junior and/or senior degree recitals.

Press release information should be prepared as a Microsoft Word document and submitted electronically, via email, to the Marketing Coordinator ( in order to ensure accuracy, expedite editing, and enhance the efficiency of the process.

Emails with attached news releases should be clearly marked with the words “Press Release” in the subject line to ensure that the email is read in a timely manner. This allows ample time for tasks to be completed before the starting date of the publicized event.

There can be no guarantee that late submissions of the necessary information for press releases (listed below) will allow advance publicity for the event.  Therefore, submissions that do not meet the outlined guidelines may not be released.

Content Guidelines

When submitting press releases, the following should be included:

  • Event date, time, and location;
  • Concert/Recital repertoire;
  • Names of individuals involved in the event;
  • Information about the event;
  • Quotes from those involved in the event (if appropriate);
  • Links to additional information (if relevant); and
  • Images for press releases (minimum 300 dpi required for print media).