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Recital Attendance Policy

The purpose of the recital attendance requirement is to help instill in students an awareness of the value and importance musicians place on being active listeners and attentive audience members. To take part as a member of the audience in the live performances of one’s peers and mentors is a crucial step in becoming an educated musician.

All music majors must enroll in MUS 001 (Recital Attendance, 0 credit) during each semester in residence. Candidates for the Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in music must register for MUS 001 each semester in residence after the music major has been declared. Minors must register for four semesters of recital attendance.

Students registered for MUS 001 will be graded on an S/U (satisfactory/unsatisfactory) basis. In order to earn an S grade, students are required to attend twelve recitals/concerts during the semester, of which at least three must be faculty or guest (i.e., non-student) events. Students must arrive on time and stay for the entire event in order to receive credit for attending. A list of eligible events will be available on Moodle and will be updated regularly. Students may also use the Moodle site to keep track of their recorded attendance at events. Students should double‑check with the recital attendance usher when they collect their IDs at the end of an event to be sure that they have been properly credited for attendance.

Each approved recital/concert will count as one. While off-campus concerts and on-campus concerts not sponsored by the School of Music are obviously worthy, these will not count toward the satisfactory completion of requirements for MUS 001. No recital attendance credit is earned for ensemble performances or recitals in which the student is a performer.

Grades earned in MUS 001 will remain on the transcript, with the following exception: if a student wishes to change a U grade to an S grade, he or she may do so by attending an additional twelve recital/concerts in the subsequent semester in residence. After this point U grades may not be changed.

approved by the music faculty, March 14, 2002
approved by MAO, April 22, 2002
announced to faculty, May 6, 2002