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Recital and Concert Program Preparation

Recommended reference style manual for musical nomenclature:

Writing About Music: A Style Sheet
By D. Kern Holoman
Available in the DePauw Music Library or on

Guidelines for Submission:

Program materials for all DePauw University School of Music concerts and recitals should be submitted to the Coordinator for Marketing and Publications no later than 2 weeks prior to the event.  Program materials should meet the following stipulations:

  • All materials should be submitted electronically, via a Word document, and sent to the attention of the publications coordinator (

  • A printed copy of all student recital programs should also be signed by the applied teacher—designating approval of the content and running order of the program, diacritical markings, dates, etc.—and submitted to the publications coordinator (GCPA, Rm 2218). 

  • All program materials should list the time, date and location of the recital or concert, as well as the preferred spelling of all performers' names.

  • Submitted programs must be in the final program order. Changes may not be made to running order of the program after submission.

  • If program materials are not submitted by the deadline, no program will be printed.

Program Content:

  • Program content is the responsibility of the individual performer, ensemble or director.  

  • Vocal/Choral programs: Song translations and short opera synopses will be printed, in American English, if submitted with the program materials.

  • Program notes for concerts (including student rosters for ensembles) are limited to one side of one page (8.5” x 11”). Preparation of notes is the responsibility of individual performer, ensemble director or conductor. Notes exceeding one 8.5” x 11” page will be printed and distributed with the program as a separate handout.

  • No original language text will be printed.

  • All program content (including spelling of foreign phrases, titles, dates, diacritical markings and names) should be fact-checked and proofread prior to submission.

Format for Submission:

  • The preferred format for the diverse repertoire represented within the School of Music is to list the name of the work on the left and the name of composer on the right, as follows: 

    From Name of Larger Work                                              Name of composer                     “Title of song or aria” or Movement                                (Birth–death dates)

  • Programs should be typed in Microsoft Word, using regular sentence case.  Note: Please do not type with the Cap Lock feature on or this text will need to be re-entered, creating duplication of effort and the opportunity for transposition errors. 

  • The full name of the composer(s), along with birth and death dates, opus numbers and movements must be included.

  • The title of the work and the composer's name are best separated by tabs (not rows of dashes, spaces or dots, which must be removed during typesetting).