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Student Recital Request

School of Music Student Recital Request

Students may request to schedule their recital dates during the last two weeks prior to the semester in which they will perform or in the first two weeks of the semester in which they plan to perform. All requests are contingent upon approval by the applied professor and accompanist.

By submitting this form, you are agreeing to the contents submitted, including the suggested dates.

Please confirm dates with the accompanist before submitting this form. If no accompanist is required, please list "none."

Please list name and instrument. Each student must complete a request form.

Date Selection

Please select a date and time for your recital after reviewing the online calendar.

I have the permission of my studio teacher to pursue this recital and have discussed possible dates with them in advance of submitting this request form. Additionally, student must contact Duane Skoog with any technical needs including playback, projections, amplification, or lighting one month in advance of recital or technical support may not be available.

I agree