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Opera and Musical Theatre

Voice students are drawn to the thrill of performing in the School of Music’s annual opera productions. Each year, in collaboration with the DePauw Opera Orchestra, a fully staged, double-cast opera is performed. With the support of the School of Music, the Department of Communication and Theatre also presents a full staged musical theatre production.

This season the School of Music and Opera at DePauw are proud to present:


February 27-March 1, 2014 - 7:30 pm
Sunday, March 2, 2014 - 2 pm
Green Center, Moore Theatre

W. A. Mozart, composer
Joachim Schamberger, director
Orcenith Smith, musical director

Tickets to The Secret Gardener, which will be sung in English, can be purchased online or at the Green Center box office, (765) 658-4827.














Mayor Anchise is running for reelection. His campaign is based on a green approach.

He has hired the gardeners Sandrina and Nardo to help turn his office into a more friendly, green place.

The mayor’s niece Arminda is a candidate on the reality TV show “Blind Wedding,” where she gets married off to a complete stranger.

Ramiro, who also works for the Mayor, used to date Arminda and can’t get over the fact that she left him.

The secretary Serpetta is in love with the mayor and, therefore, ignores the advances of Nardo, the new male gardener. The mayor himself ignores Serpetta because he is in love with his new gardener girl Sandrina.

Sandrina, however, only pretends to be a gardener. In reality, she is the wealthy Violante Onesti, who is searching for her lover Belfiore, who, a year ago, stabbed her and fled, believing her dead.

Things really get crazy when it turns out that the stranger, whom Arminda is supposed to marry, happens to be Sandrina’s ex-lover Belfiore.

It’s really that simple…