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DePauw Opera 2013

The School of Music is proud to present

February 7-9, 2013 - 7:30 pm
February 10, 2013 - 2:00 pm

Judson and Joyce Green Center for the Performing Arts,
Moore Theatre

Joachim Schamberger, director
Orcenith Smith, musical director

Tickets can be purchased from the Green Center Box Office or online.
Phone: 765.658.4827


Twenty-five years ago, Gabriel Eisenstein played a practical joke on his friend, Falke when they were both juniors in college.  After a costume party, Eisenstein left Falke drunk and asleep on the boulder on the DePauw campus wearing not much more than a bat-mask.  The next morning, Falke awoke to find himself being laughed at by a crowd of students.  He was soon to be known as “The Batman.”

Ever since he has been thinking of revenge.

Act I – The living room in Professor Gabriel Eisenstein’s house

Alfred is serenading Rosalinda in front of her house.  Long before Rosalinda got married to Eisenstein, she and Alfred had an affair while attending music conservatory.  Adele, au pair in Eisenstein’s house, receives a text message from her friend, Sally, who invites her to come to a party at DePauw’s Great Hall that night.  To get out of work, she pretends her old aunt is sick.  Rosalinda doesn’t believe her story and insists that she stay and work.

Rosalinda is having a hard time resisting Alfred’s advances and his beautiful tenor voice.  He suddenly needs to hide when Eisenstein comes home accompanied by his lawyer, Br. Blind.  Eisenstein has been detained to spend the night in jail before his trial for insulting a police officer.  After blaming each other for the unfortunate detention, Eisenstein kicks out Dr. Blind.

Dr. Falke arrives and encourages Eisenstein to postpone the start of his detention in order to secretly come to a party for DePauw’s most special alumni.  Falke convinces him to bring his “lady-bait” (a charming little pocket-watch) to seduce the women, and party like the good old days.

Before Dr. Falke leaves, he secretly gives Rosalinda a letter telling her about Eisenstein’s plans, and also invites her to attend the DePauw party disguised as a Hungarian Countess.

Rosalinda gives Adele the night off and Eisenstein says good-bye to his wife.  In a heart-wrenching farewell, all three have a hard time hiding their excitement for the upcoming events.  After Eisenstein and Adele have left, Alfred comes back for a romantic tête-à-tête with Rosalinda.  They are interrupted when the new judge, Frank, comes with a police officer to escort Mr. Eisenstein to jail.  To uphold Rosalinda’s reputation, Alfred pretends to be her husband and is taken to prison in Eisenstein’s place.

Act II – DePauw’s Great Hall

Dr. Falke is greeting guests at the party for the most special alumni for DePauw’s 175th anniversary. 

Adele shows up in one of Rosalinda’s dresses.  She soon finds out that her friend Sally is not the one who invited her but that somebody must be playing a joke on them.  Dr. Falke interrupts and since Adele is not invited and not even a student he suggests that she be introduced as “Miss Olga,” a young theater major.

Eisenstein arrives and is announced as “Marquis Renard,” a French alumnus. 

In a little speech Orlovski, a Russian alumnus and first Russian student after the fall of the wall, encourages Eisenstein to partake in some of his national customs.  When Eisenstein begins to recognize Adele, she convincingly proves that she is not an au pair but a student at DePauw.

Judge Frank arrives and is announced as “Chevalier Chagrin.”  He is introduced to “Marquis Renard” and the two “Frenchmen” quickly become friends.

The party guests are asked for their discretion as a “Hungarian Countess” will join the party but wishes to stay incognito.  Eisenstein can’t wait to use his “lady-bait” to seduce the mysterious stranger, who is non other than his own wife, Rosalinda.  He not only fails to convince her to remove her mask but also looses his “lady-bait” watch while trying.

Adele and Eisenstein question if the “Countess” is truly Hungarian.  Rosalinda dissolves all doubts by singing the “music from her homeland.”

After a grand champagne toast, Dr. Falke suggests that all guests pledge eternal brotherhood.  When the clock strikes six in the morning, Eisenstein must leave in order to go to court for his trial.  Dancing out arm in arm, neither “Marquis Renard” (Eisenstein) nor “Chevalier Chagrin” (Judge Frank) realizes they will soon meet again at the courthouse.

Act III – The Putnan County Courthouse

Judge Frank arrives, still drunk from the party.  Just as he begins to take a nap, the officer wakes him up.  Sally and Adele enter and confess to Frank that, although Adele is really Eisenstein’s au pair, she wishes to be an actress.  Thinking that he is Chevalier Chagrin, they ask for his help in furthering Adele’s career.

Eisenstein arrives and is delighted to learn that his friend Chevalier Chagrin is none other than Frank the prison warden.  Frank is confused and doubtful that his friend Marquis Renard is actually Eisenstein, since “Eisenstein” was already arrested last night before the party!

Rosalinda arrives to try to get Alfred out of jail.  When the lawyer that Alfred had requested enters, they have no idea it is not Dr. Blind but Eisenstein in disguise, having snatched Dr. Blind’s outfit earlier.  As Rosalinda and Alfred confide their flirtation, Eisenstein removes his disguise and angrily accuses his wife of infidelity.

Rosalinda shows Eisenstein the “lady-bait.”  Shocked and humiliated, he realizes that the Hungarian Countess he had been trying to seduce was in fact his own wife. 

The party guests arrive and take Eisenstein to the boulder where Dr. Falke reveals that this entire charade was all his idea.  Eisenstein receives his wife’s forgiveness, and Dr. Falke finally enjoys “Batman’s revenge.”