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Prof. Rebecca Bordt Honored by North Central Sociological Association

February 27, 2012

Rebecca L. Bordt, associate professor of sociology at DePauw University, is the recipient of the 2012 John F. Schnabel Distinguished Contributions to Teaching Award. Presented by the North Central Sociological Association, the Schnabel Award recognizes "excellence in some activity enhancing the teaching of sociology for the NCSA or within the North Central region."

Dr. Bordt joined the DePauw faculty in 2000. She received an M.S. in justice studies from Arizona State University in 1985 and a Ph.D. in sociology from Yale University in 1994. Her teaching and research interests include criminology, gender studies, and the sociology of organizations. She is the author of The Structure of Women's Nonprofit Organization and has published articles on women's prison narratives, classroom teaching strategies, feminist collectives, gender differences in criminal court sentencing and informal dispute resolution.