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Prof. Pascal Lafontant is Lead Author of Study on Heart Regeneration in Zebrafish

September 2, 2013

Pascal J. Lafontant, associate professor of biology at DePauw University, is the lead author of a paper published in PLOS ONE, an inclusive, peer-reviewed, open-access resource from the Public Library of Science. The contribution is titled "Cardiac Myocyte Diversity and a Fibroblast Network in the Junctional Region of the Zebrafish Heart Revealed by Transmission and Serial Block-Face Scanning Electron Microscopy."

The paper describes a previously unrecognized region of the zebrafish heart using new scanning electron microscopy technique to generate a three-dimensional ultrastructural reconstruction. The zebrafish is an important biomedical model for the study of cellular and molecular mechanisms that could promote heart regeneration after heart attacks.

EAST COLLEGE TOWER hdrContributors to the study include collaborators from the University of Houston, the University of Utah and King Abdullah University in Saudi Arabia.

The research can be viewed online here.

A paper on heart regeneration in the giant danio by Professor Lafontant with six of his undergraduate research students was published last year.

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