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Assistant US Attorney General Deborah Daniels '73 Battling Terrorism and Government Waste

December 31, 2001

December 31, 2001, Greencastle, Ind. - As an assistant attorney general of the United States of America, the job of Deborah J. Daniels "includes helping local law enforcement agencies across the country prepare for terrorist attacks," Maureen Groppe writes in today's Indianapolis Star. An article entitled "Indiana lawyer puts the accent on efficiency in Justice position" states, "Daniels is in Washington to get something done. When she sends her staffers an e-mail about a decision they have to make, she instructs them not to take too long. 'Just figure it out. Don't dither. Get it done,' she tells them."

The article details how Daniels is working to streamline her department's operations, reducing waste and improving efficiency.

Deborah Daniels is a 1973 graduate of DePauw University, a fact which is noted in a biography that accompanies the article. The attorney's career has included stints as the U.S. Snow Bike ECattorney for the Southern District of Indiana, deputy prosecutor and then chief counsel to the Marion County prosecutor, and director of the U.S. Justice Department's Weed and Seed program.

The entire article is available online at the Indianapolis Star's Web site. You can access it directly by clicking here.